» Microzone II

  • Complete user creation of custom control strategies through block programming structure adapts MZII to virtually and HVAC control sequence or mechanical system
  • Models with battery backed-up time clock provide true standalone direct digital control with optimum start stop, scheduling functions, and battery backed-up random access memory (RAM)
  • Input/output auto trending with adjustable sample rates continually accumulate and time stamp last 48 analog values and last 10 digital changes of state
  • “Fast” half (0.5) second input to output response times make MZII directly applicable to static pressure, fume hood and laboratory pressurization applications

Processor 80C198, 7 MHz clock speed, 16-bit word size
RAM 64 KB of EPROM, 2 KB of EEPROM, 8 KB of RAM
Operating Temp: -40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140 °F)
Storage Temp: -40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140 °F)
Relative Humidity: - 5 to 95%, non-condensing


The TAC NETWORK 8000 MICROZONE II (MZII) is a fully programmable controller that enhances the TAC NETWORK 8000 Facility Management System family offering. The MZII has the ability to employ custom block programs and run them in a stand-alone mode. The MZII block programming language provides the system operator with 100% flexibility for creation of new and unique control strategies.

TAC MICROZONE II is easily applied to a wide variety of mechanical equipment including those that are application specific. Through the Personal System Interface (PSITM) and Xtended Personal System Interface (XPSITM), control programs can be downloaded to all devices requiring the sequence of operation. With the MZII, the TAC NETWORK 8000 provides the best of both worlds; full programmability for easy creation and modification of custom control strategies, and easy duplication of controller databases for mechanical equipment containing similar or identical control strategies.

The MZII utilizes state-of-the-art, surface mount technology which helps reduce the size and cost of the product while providing powerful product features. Modularity of hardware along with the networking capabilities allow easy expandability as the needs of the facility change in the future. As with all other programmable TAC NETWORK 8000 controllers, the MZII utilizes non-volatile EEPROM memory to store application control programs. EEPROM memory allows an owner to modify existing control sequences or create new ones through the Personal System Interface (PSI).