your storyBar-Tech Automation has been providing microprocessor based controls to the Queensland mechanical services market for in excess of fifteen years.

With the acceptance in recent times for the need to improve energy efficiency, Bar-Tech Automation has expanded its focus to include Systems Integration, Energy Profiling and Facilities Management.

With in excess of 100 years of experience in the controls industry, Bar-Tech Automation is well placed to provide its customers and end users with the skills to meet todays ever more demanding requirements for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Experience forms a major part of Bar-Tech Automation’s ability to provide our customers with not only the most up-to-date and flexible installation but the long term commitment to the support and servicing of the installation.

Our Engineering Team:

Bar-Tech Automation has a small but dynamic engineering team with disciplines including:

Mechanical Plant Design and Operation Review
Direct Digital Control
Electronics and Communications
Systems Integration
IT Network Design
Database Management
Custom Software Development
Custom Interface Design

Where to from here?

futureWith Bar-Tech Automation’s focus in the Systems Integration and Facilities Managements fields, customers are now able to retain their existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and still be able to participate in the reduction of energy and resources. Building profiling and facilities management will also form a major part of our customer focus into the future.

The facilities management market continues to grow and change as the energy and resources sections of the building market and statutory bodies fine tune their requirements. Customers will expect their BMS to provide ever increasing functionality and integration capability.

With our extensive knowledge of the IT industry we are able to design a system to comply with a network administrator’s requirements. This allows the customer to take advantage of the data gathered and integrate it into their billing software, green trade profiles or even a resource management system allowing for automated work orders on run time. It also allows customers to use their own PCs to access the system rather than having a seperate PC in a single room. This means more people are able to access information gathered by the BMS so people can make informed decisions.

Bar-Tech Automation will continue to bring its customers, products and services that are at the forefront of the BMS and Facilities Management markets.